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#113 - Pauper Duel Commander (1v1) Banlist Update - Oubliette

Effective September 1, Oubliette will no longer be legal in Pauper Duel Commander. (This does not affect multiplayer PDH.)

#112 - What to Expect: An Early Metagame Analysis

Welcome to Pauper Duel Commander or PDC!

#111 - Background Rules Update

This short article is a follow-up to the Backgrounds Ruling & Reasoning article from the end of last month.

#110 - Happy 10th Birthday Baleful Strix!

A Celebration, Damnation, History and Primer On this day ten years ago...

#109 - PDH vs EDH

So you've playtested your PDH deck, and you've even put it together in paper, but have you considered how it'll play against EDH decks?

#108 - Backgrounds

Indulge me in a hypothetical. Imagine, if you will, that you have a friend who's been blind since birth. One day, she undergoes a...

#107 - Disciple of Deceit Deck Tech

Today we will go over how I built my first, and favorite, Duel PDH deck...

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