Pauper EDH over the years

First Attempt to Standardize Rules

Heavy Stone Crab creates the Unofficial Pauper Commander thread on MTG Salvation (at the time the largest Magic community outside of Wizards Forums), which would make MTG Salvation the online hub for PDH. Attempts to standardize rules were made but never solidified.

Second Attempt to Standardize Rules

Aeso creates in another attempt to standardize and simplify the rules. His ruleset would since be adopted by multiple playgroups from around the world.

Creation of the /r/PauperEDH Subreddit
Third Attempt to Standardize Rules

Ruffigan creates the PauperEDH Primer on TappedOut (the largest deck building website until the creation of Moxfield), establishing TappedOut as the new hub for PDH and starting the TappedOut era. This largely standardized the rules for playing online but the community was still largely fragmented.

Creation of the Pauper EDH Fandom Wiki
Creation of the PDH Home Base

Founding members include: Salty_River, Derek, Pancident, Ruffigan, jkl3391, and Eric_Turner.

Pauper EDH Recognized as a Format on TappedOut
Creation of the PDH Home Base Facebook Group
Formal Standardization of Rules

Establishment of the PDH Home Base as a governing body for the format (no longer relying on individuals and primers to enforce rules). This leads to the PDH Home Base discord being the online hub for Pauper EDH.

Salty_River Transfers PDH Home Base Ownership to Podkomorka

That’s me, hello!

Formation of First PDH Rules Committee
Pauper EDH Recognized as a Format on Scryfall

Clay works with Scryfall to add a PauperEDH JSON and make PDH a searchable format on any site that uses Scryfall API. This leads to the establishment of the PDH Home Base Scryfall team, which includes nero64 and oak tree.

Pauper EDH Recognized as a Format on Moxfield

Wirox, Ruffigan, and Clay work with Henry of Moxfield on various aspects of adding support for Pauper EDH.

Rules Committee Restructure

The RC is rebuilt, removing inactive members and adding players from the competitive side of the format for a healthy balance of opinions. Members include: Podkomorka, Scarecrow, Ruffigan, Clay, Derek, Wirox, Alkadron, Rhotic_Shwa, Plant, Crash, and Yaloron.

First Banning – Rhystic Study & Mystic Remora
Pauper EDH Recognized as a Format on Archidekt

Clay works with the Archidekt team to add support for PauperEDH.

Formation of Pauper Duel Commander (1v1) Rules Committee
Ruling Made on Common Backgrounds
Creation of the

Clay creates to track statistics for competitive play.

Pauper EDH Recognized as a Format on Commander Spellbook