Our Mission

PDH Home Base aims to promote and expand the Pauper Commander format by offering players the necessary resources.

Rules Committee

Paul (Scarecrow1779)
Paul has been playing PDH since 2018, writing articles for the format on and off since 2019, and has a decade of experience with Kitchen Table Magic and another decade with casual and high-power Commander. His main focus in-game is brewing a wide variety of high power PDH decks and playing them with a political and competitive mindset, occasionally venturing into the realm of cPDH. Outside of the game, he’s a passionate grass-roots advocate for the format and will talk and type endlessly to anyone interested in the format, especially on the /r/PauperEDH subreddit, which he helps moderate. Paul goes by Scarecrow1779 on Reddit, Twitter, and Discord.
Connor (known online as Ruffigan) has been playing Magic and PDH since 2013. He started playing 60-card multiplayer in the Ravnica block, quickly moved to EDH, and then came up with a version of Pauper EDH for his playgroup. Since that time he has created the Pauper EDH Primer on TappedOut, helped get PDH recognized as a format on TappedOut, contributed heavily to the MtG Wiki page on Pauper Commander, was a founding member of the PDH Home Base site, became a moderator on /r/PauperEDH and /r/CompetitivePauperEDH, and helps with general outreach and promotion for Pauper Commander.
Clay started playing Magic in 1997 and later began playing Standard FNMs and Modern events from Rise of the Eldrazi (2010) to the first Theros Block (2014). For years thereafter, he was heavily engaged in the Competitive Commander world, but changed his focus to developing the Competitive Pauper Commander meta, starting in 2020. Now, Clay manages r/CompetitivePauperEDH subreddit and the cPDH.guide website, networks with prominent Magic community members, promotes PDH on Twitter/X (@TheTryhards6), assists with several PDH YouTube ventures, and plays in cPDH tournaments every chance he gets.
A player of the format going back circa 2014, Derek has contributed significantly to its growth over time, including acting as a founding member and article writer for PDH Home Base in 2017. He was involved with the establishment and adoption of the current official rule set, and provides a measured approach to managing Pauper Commander as it continues to thrive, with an emphasis on stability, accessibility, and mindful stewardship. Outside of his position on the RC, he is also known and recognized in the community for his talents as a brewer and deck builder, with no kernel of an idea too small to spin into a full-fledged 99, casual or competitive. His community engagement is mostly limited to Twitter/X (@derekdearreader), alongside a website of articles, focusing on singleton multiplayer Magic, that is updated somewhat infrequently.
Dave (known unprofessionally as Alkadron on Discord and Reddit) has been playing magic since 1995, and PDH since 2013.  He dabbles in competitive play as a commentator for (and on rare occasions, player in) PDH tournaments, but mostly he enjoys assembling inefficient engines and executing goofy play patterns in casual PDH games with Pals. He used to play EDH many years ago, and tried Standard once in 1998 when it was called Type II, but doesn’t engage with other formats of Magic these days outside of drafts and sealed decks. He’s also a co-host on The PDH Pod.

Advisory Group

Yaloron is active on the PDH Home Base discord and on Moxfield under the same name. He started playing Magic in 2011 and PDH in 2013 with Species Gorger. Mostly, though, he played Limited and 60-card Pauper for several years. When he came back to PDH in 2019, he was one of the first pioneers developing the competitive side of the format. Yaloron developed the cPDH Tier List on deckstats alongside Crash, as a tool to introduce others to competitive PDH. Yaloron is also known for his comprehensive, detailed primers for cPDH, which are considered some of the best in the format. Yaloron was also part of the PDH RC from 2021-2024, but has moved to an advisory role so he can focus more on brewing, playing, and tuning.
Plant (aka WhoTheHell)
Plant started playing somewhere in 2004, building decks from his limited pool of random cards for all his friends to play with. After a long break from Magic in between, he was reintroduced with Commander. It was only a matter of time until PDH, combining all that is good in Magic, hooked him for good. Casual in the streets but Izzet in the sheets, Plant likes to think outside the box when brewing and tries to break the color pie or push some other nonsensical ideas to their limit. Advocating a good vibe with some edge to it, he leaves sparks wherever he goes, that sometimes flourish into new PDH pods.
Bobby BFine
Bobby has been playing Magic since 2009 and commons-only Commander decks since 2010. In 2014, he built his first PDH deck, Disciple of Deceit, and dabbled in the format intermittently while also playing the likes of Standard, Modern, and Legacy (usually with some type of combo deck in hand). Bobby eventually caught the cPDH bug in 2020 and channeled his enjoyment for the competitive side of the format into the creation of the Sanctuary PDH Discord server and online PDH tournament series in early 2023. An avid combo enjoyer, you’ll see him doing a bunch of graveyard-centric things in casual games and going to infinity and beyond at competitive tables. You can find his tweets here.
Ryan has been playing Magic since Invasion, and he got hooked on commons in 2015. While his main focus is cPDH, he does still play 60-card Pauper and Pioneer.  He also loves watching Modern, Legacy Vintage and Vintage Cube. You can find his youtube channel here for live deckbuilding, gameplay, tournament coverage, meta analysis, and gameplay. You can also follow this link to join the Common Connoisseurs Discord Server, or find his tweets here.
Sniffhow plays PDH with the rest of his squad, the PDH Pals, which you can find streaming on Twitch twice a week.  He’s on the PCAG because the PDH Pals continue to have their finger on the pulse of the kitchen table soul that PDH thrives in.  Sniffhow is an incomparable Toggo, Rootha, and Izzet aficionado.  A true pioneer of “Floor Meta,” he’s been brewing decks out of whatever’s lying around for a decade and a half.  He played “competitive” Modern from 2018-2020 and has been playing cubes since there have been cubes.  He’s a huge advocate of The Holy Trinity and if you ask for deck help, he’ll suggest Howling Golem, Marching Duodrone, and Scaretiller before looking at the deck.  He tweets on behalf of the PDH Pals here.
Murilo (Orthusk)
Murilo started playing Magic in 2003, Commander in 2014, and PDH in 2018. He plays a wide variety of other formats, but PDH has been his main focus since he founded the Pauper Commander Brazil website in 2021 as a format resource and hub for Brazilian players. Murilo was already an advisor in the PDH RC discord server from 2021-2024, so it was only natural that he was one of the first PCAG members. Murilo is occasionally seen on the PDH Home Base discord with the username murilo_orthusk, but is far more active in the online Brazilian PDH community that he leads on WhatsApp, playing weekly SpellTable games.

Scryfall Team

Hello! My name is Chev and I started playing Magic around Dragons of Tarkir, or 2015. While EDH quickly took hold as the dominant format for my playgroup we started playing PDH around the beginning of 2020 with the release of Theros Beyond Death. From there it’s been an obsession. Any given night I find myself brewing for PDH, cPDH, AND PDC! I help maintain the Pauper Commander legality on Scryfall and I’m a member of the cPDH Deck Database committee. You can also find me with The Hexdrinkers Podcast or on Twitter! My favorite deck is either Azra Oddsmaker or Duskmantle Guildmage/Persistent Petitioners. Grixis FTW.
Oak Tree
Hi, my name is Oakley and I work on the PDH Scryfall database. I started really getting into magic around the time Dragons of Tarkir was released. Pauper was a long-time favorite format of mine, which I played a ton of on MTGO. I got into PDH with a group of my close friends around the time I graduated college and have been playing regularly ever since.